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EZ Legal ED®

Not all states require attorneys, LDPs, process servers and private investigators to take continuing education courses to maintain their licenses. We offer affordable online continuing education in the states that do. 


Registration is free to view our entire course catalog. Review Our Courses for a list of approved states and link to the secure LMS website where courses are hosted.


Beginning in 2020, we will offer online audio courses on ethics, addiction and mental health for attorneys in states TBD. Courses will comply with state requirements for interactivity/self-study, attendance reporting, instructor availability and records retention. EZ CLE® course objectives include:

  • Learn the definition of addiction and mental disorders: their characteristics and how to spot the signs of impairment and diminished competence.
  • Review the destructive impact these disorders can have on colleagues and clients if left untreated and the vulnerability of attorneys.
  • Hear true stories about attorneys with these disorders: the rules they violated, the penalties they incurred and the lives that changed.
  • Understand Rules of Professional Conduct and the role that disciplinary commissions play in helping attorneys and protecting the public interest.
  • Receive step-by-step instructions on intervention and the role family, friends and colleagues can play in recovery and treatment.
  • Review standard and alternative treatment options for addiction and mental disorders.
  • Appreciate the difficult path of attorneys who have an addiction or mental disorder, from the depths of despair to hope and renewal.

View the catalog for your state to purchase EZ CLE® courses for attorneys. (Coming in 2020)

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