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EZ Legal ED®

Our Continuing Legal Education courses for Arizona attorneys comply with Arizona State Bar rules and regulations regarding CLE course content, instruction, interactivity and method of delivery.


Registration is free to view our course catalog. Select Arizona Attorney CLE to access courses at our secure LMS website.

EZ Legal ED®

  • Courses are written and/or presented by licensed professionals who have specialized education, training, skills and experience related to the topics presented.
  • All courses include professionally produced audio lectures and handouts that contain some or all of the following components: course outlines; glossaries; condensed audio transcript with citations; charts and current resources; course provider information and instructor biography.
  • Student attendance and participation time are automatically verified on the LMS platform.
  • Upon completion of each course students receive a Certificate of Completion that contains the course production date, total course time, attorney name and license number, CLE credit hours earned and date of completion.
  • Students may communicate with instructors by contacting EZ Legal ED, LLC at its toll-free number or via email.
  • Recordings, written materials and student information are preserved for seven years. Customer service is available seven days a week.
  • Registration is free to view our CLE course catalog.